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Our doulas in training are hand picked ensuring you an extra pair of capable hands that will seamlessly become a part of your birth team.  Our doulas in training attend every birth in the Salt Lake City area with our team, gaining valuable experience and mentoring along their path to birth work.

Mindy Dillard

Mindy Dillard birth doula Salt Lake City Centered Birthng
  • Completed University of Utah Volunteer Doula Program 

  • Currently completing DONA Birth Doula Training

  • Working to become an accredited Volunteer Babywearing Educator through Babywearing International 

  • Certified Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance (200 hr)

  • BFA in Theater from the University of Utah 

  • MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts from Goddard College

  • Certified Music Together® Teacher

The most transformative experience of my life, was giving birth to my son Cyrus on a stormy August day in 2017. My pregnancy was extremely unexpected. I endured all the heartaches and joys of growing a human being for 9 months and then the catharsis of pushing him out into the world. My pregnancy and birth softened me and opened me up, beyond anything I ever could have imagined. I gave birth at the hospital attended by midwives and Centered Birthing’s own, Candace Roper as my doula. 


It turns out that my unexpected “gift” of baby Cyrus was two-fold. I now not only have a beautiful little boy to nurture, but I also have a passion to empower women in a new way - through birthwork.


My background is in songwriting, music education, performance and theatre. I play a bunch of folk instruments: guitar, banjo, ukulele and violin. I’ve toured all across the USA as a folk singer-songwriter and won some awards for my songwriting and banjo-playing. I’ve also worked as an advocate for Eating Disorder Recovery through my folk rock opera called “How to Survive a Poison Apple” about my own recovery from anorexia.


My own birth was a revelation to me in how amazing and resilient my body is!  I want women to feel empowered through their journeys into motherhood, no matter how the exact details of her birth unfolds. I look forward to accompanying Candace and Stephanie to birth rooms to advocate for and assist women as they embark on their own transformational experiences of birth. I believe that the more educated a woman is about her choices, the more likely she will be to have a birth that is meaningful and special to her. 


As a musician, I call myself a “musical alchemist” which I define as “to transform or transmute” the ineffable into healing stories. Now as a doula-in-training I ask this question of mother’s to be: How will your birth transform and heal you? 

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