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Postpartum Doula Packages

A La Carte:

Postpartum doula services provided during the day are $35 per hour, with a minimum of 4 hours per visit, and 8 hours per family. Prices are $40 per hour for overnight shift work, with a minimum of 8 hours per shift. Prices increase by $5 per hour for multiples. Discounts are available for childbirth education and birth doula clients or by purchasing a package of services. Night shifts include any shift beginning after 8 pm and ending before 8 am.


You can customize your doula shifts to your needs. Do you need an extra set of hands in the morning while you help your older kids get off to school? Is getting a nap or a healthy lunch a struggle? A morning shift or mid-day shift might work best for you. Is late afternoon when everyone hits the wall? Need help getting dinner going and a solid bedtime routine for baby? Evening shifts might be perfect for you. Need to get out for a date night but have a young baby that you can't trust to your neighborhood teenage sitter? A date night doula shift might be just the thing! Need someone to prepare freezer meals or grab-and-go healthy lunches or snacks that meet your nutritional needs postpartum? From the recipes, grocery shopping, meal prep to the finished product, I love to help!

Just Some Help Package:

Not sure what you'll need after your baby's birth? But certain you'll need something? Get 12 hours of Postpartum services at a discounted hourly rate. Schedule them as needed after your baby is here, once you know what you need. Can be used as a mixture of days and nights. If you need more hours after your package is over, those will be booked at regular rates. Shifts will be subject to availability.

Regular Price: $400*

The Bridge Package:

Feeling a little nervous about bringing baby home? After a home or birth center birth, your midwife team will care for you for about 4 hours after baby arrives. At a hospital this can vary from 24 hours to 3-4 days depending on the birth. Many parents will have questions and desire support after leaving the care of their midwives or nursing staff. I will meet you at home and continue your individualized attention and care, help with breastfeeding or getting some much needed rest, and make sure you are well fed and your questions are answered.  I will come to you as soon as you request my assistance, meet you at the hospital and help you load up, as your birth team leaves, as you arrive home or anytime in the day following your birth.

  • 8 hours of on-call postpartum doula care in the day immediately following your birth center, home birth, or your arrival home from the hospital.

Regular price: $450*

The Overnighter Package:

Is a good night's rest just what you need but so hard to get? I can fix that! Starting after 8 pm, an 8 hour overnight shift can get you some spring back in your step, as well as some camaraderie during those late night feeds, or a solid slumber with bottle-feeding, whatever you desire.

Regular price: $320*/night

*Credit card convenience fees may apply.

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