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Lactation Support

Prenatal Breastfeeing Prep

If you are planning to breastfeed, it can be easy to get overwhelmed with stories of nipple pain, low milk supply and tongue ties. Let us help you navigate all things breastfeeding. We will help you prepare with knowledge, a plan for success and the support you'll need to make it happen. You can have a private prenatal breastfeeding class and consultation that will leave you feeling confident in your ability to nourish your baby. You'll know who to turn to once baby is here, and you're in the thick of learning how to latch, sleep deprivation, recovering from birth and falling in love with your new baby. You'll have a relationship with an expert you trust, and know where to turn when you have questions, need reassurance, or get guidance if things get tricky. And the best part? It might be covered by your heatlh insurance or an affordable payment plan. We can help you and your baby thrive instead of struggle. We've got you.

Breastfeeding Problems


Is breastfeeding not feeling quite as natural as you expected? Are you getting conflicting advice from your family, friends, the internet and your provider? Can't quite get the right latch? Experiencing nipple pain or engorgement? Baby not gaining enough weight or always seems hungy?


Lactation consultations take place in your home, assessing your baby's latch, milk supply, and other questions and concerns. You'll get a concrete step-by-step plan to solve any issues, and help to reach your breastfeeding goals. I will happily send a copy of the records from our visit to your pediatrician, OB or midwife, so we can keep your whole care team in the loop.

Breast Milk Pump
Mother Baby Bonding

We accept all methods of payment, some health insurance plans and HSA/FSA accounts. Every breastfeeding consultation includes an informative booklet, a full assessment, a care plan including goals and next steps, helpful referrals and resources, two weeks of direct access to text to ask follow up questions, and the option for a follow up visit, in-person, zoom or phone call to check in on your progress.

Initial Visit In-person: $200 per visit*

Zoom Consultations: $75/hour

Follow Up Visits: $100/hour*

*Price includes travel to anywhere in Salt Lake County. Travel fee of $25-50 per visit may apply to longer distances, including Davis, Utah, Summit and Wasatch Counties.

Initial visits are usually 1.5-2 hours, follow ups are usually 1 hour.

Sliding scale appointments are available. Please reach out if you and your baby need help.


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