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At Centered Birthing, we believe every birth is a team effort.  Our doulas want to partner with your family and care providers to help you reach your goals, be truly present for your experience, and empowered by your choices. 


Our team of doulas is made up of Candace Roper and Stephanie Baldi.  We provide professional, compassionate, educated and continuous support to women and their families during their births and beyond.  We serve the Salt Lake City area of Utah, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

Our team of doulas work in six hour shifts at your birth, ensuring you have a fully present, energetic and experienced doula at your service, during every moment of your birth experience. With a team of doulas, you get the benefit of two perspectives and more experience to bring you the best support possible! We will attend all complimentary consultations, prenatal visits and postpartum visits together, so you will be equally comfortable and familiar with each member of your doula team.

We also have the option of bringing a doula in training with us to your birth as well. This enables us to help mentor the next great doulas, while giving you an extra set of hands to refill your drink, get you that perfectly-timed ice cold washcloth, or keep the double hip squeeze going just right through your entire birth.  We hand-pick our doulas in training, ensuring you another capable, knowledgeable, passionate doula who will seamlessly become part of your birth team. You can choose two pairs of pampering hands for the price of one!

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